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Belated Birthdays

I didn’t actually celebrate my birthday in NYC this year (contrary to popular belief). I did, however; continue to say I was going to throw myself a birthday party when I could (that’s not actually happening). But, to my pleasant surprise I did receive an [accidentally] belated birthday gift from a very, very dear friend who happens to own a very, very cool company;  Auris Apothecary.  A self described, not-for-profit micro-label located in Bloomington, Indiana, they do more than just music. I was lucky enough to receive 1 of 25 handmade candles put out by the company. It smells AMAZING and I’ve taken a few shots of it to share with you all. Everything this company does is hand crafted and given the utmost attention to detail. You’ll notice in some of the photographs all of the extra special pieces such as the wax seal on the label, or how each product is numbered, allowing you to see how many of that product were made and which product you received. All of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received have come from the creative genius behind this amazing label- you should really check it out.


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